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Donna R. Wood
Chief Operating Consultant



“If you think you can, or you think you can’t; you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

As a young child, I was always told “you can’t.” I came to believe that I couldn’t. As a teenager, I was always told “you shouldn’t,” or “you can’t.” I came to fear trying, and became more sure of the fact “I couldn’t.” As an adult, the whole world changed. There was no one there to say, “you shouldn’t,” or “you can’t.” I had to decide for myself. I found that I should and I can.




On Leadership

Emerge into Leadership

Leaders aren’t born; they create themselves. Have you ever wondered why no single method of leadership ever seems to work? Leadership is based on situation. Every leader changes their leadership hat multiple times a day. Leadership is the ultimate form of multitasking. It can be stressful, and sometimes cause burn-out or worse, resentment of those who are being led.

Developing strong, effective leaders requires knowing which method to use, and when. Chrysalis Professional Consulting provides workshop and conference presentations on identifying the best method of leadership to fit your life, career, business, or organization.




On Diversity

Emerge into the Global Market

The world is getting smaller every day. The mobile society is closing in on businesses and organizations worldwide. It is more important now than ever to prepare yourself to emerge and engage in the global marketplace.

Diversity and Inclusion is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Every business has defined values and established cultures that can be melded with Diversity and Inclusion. Chrysalis Professional Consulting will help you develop the strategies that fit with your business values and culture.

Chrysalis Professional Consulting will work with you from beginning to end in the development of these strategies, through contracted services.


On Nonprofit Management

Emerge into the Global Society

Chrysalis Professional Consulting recognizes the value of the nonprofits who work hard every day to make a difference in their communities. It is our mission to assist nonprofits in developing long-term strategies to ensure sustainable futures.

At Chrysalis Professional Consulting we offer a variety of Nonprofit Technical Assistance services. These are designed to address everything from major strategic issues to more basic problems affecting day-to-day operations.

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