Reading Between the Lines

  • Posted on November 8, 2009 at 12:51 pm

I want to tell you a story, a story that has been passed down from generation to generation to generation throughout history.  It is a story of power, control, stuggle and victory.  A story so powerful and provoking that you can’t look away; no matter how much you want too.  (This post is my own thoughts and beliefs and is not sanctioned by anyone other than myself.  For the record, in light of the Forum Article on the Christian Science thing:  I have no idea who those people are or what they believe but this has nothing to do with them.)

The story truly begins at the beginning.  When God created the Heavens and the Earth.  God was, is and always will be.  God is the unending source of all things, because he is all things.  Everything, including you and me and the tree standing outside.  He is the car that you drive and the house that you live in.  He is the Father of all things seen and unseen.  We all have heard this time and time again. 

What we don’t hear so often or maybe don’t fathom in our complacency of hearing the same old story year after year, is that God IS everything, everyone and every place.  There is nothing in Heaven or Earth that is not God.  What about science and all of that?  Well physics itself proves when you get down to the very core existence of anything that is, you have reached energy in one form or another.  Solids are based upon energy.  You can feel the top of your table or desk or sit on chair because the energy that comprises the table, desk or chair is resisting the energy you are exerting against it.  But, does that mean that the energy ends at the edge of the table?  Of course not.  The energy is directly connected to the energy that was, is and always will be.  So just what does that say about your Soul or Spirit?  It does not end at the tip of your fingers or the ends of your toes.  No, your Soul extends to a direct connection to the energy that was, is and always will be; that which we call God — because it is a part of God.  How do you think he lives in you?  Do you think he rents space in your right arm? 

With that understanding, we move to the story.  The story of when God created a vessel for himself to live and breath and walk among us.  Are our bodies not merely vessels for our souls to survive in the physical world in which we live?  I once read a statement by someone whom I forget the name, but he said, "We are all walking ghosts," meaning that our souls are housed within us and when we divest ourselves of our bodies, our souls live on – intact and perfect form.  So, to that end, we reach the day that God came to earth to save us from ourselves.  The Spirit of God entered the body of a new born babe in the outskirts of a town that was filled to the rafters with people to be counted.  Oh, sure he could have made room for himself.  He could have even made himself rich, but what was the point in being born a King in the physical world when he was already ruler of the Universe?  Ask yourself this: If God were born today to an extremely wealthy family – with the preverbial silver spoon – would you respect him?  Would you believe him?  What makes you think the people of Jesus’s day would think any differently?  I believe that people back in the day of Christ on Earth had a strong mistrust for the wealthy, the monarchies and the governments of the time.  No, this required humble beginnings.  Mind you, that God is the Father and the Son — wholly together.  It is the Holy Spirit that transcends the physical and Heaven. If God tried to cram his whole self into the physical form of a newborn babe it just wouldn’t fit — therefore — in my humble belief – God took the part of him that was his heavenly son, and created the Lord Jesus in physical form.  Still the Father and the Son.

Now God, being the all of everything, wanted the whole world to know that he had arrived.  So, he tore open the veil that separates the seen from the unseen and whole hosts of angels sang out in triumph and glory. Angels are part of the unseen. It was at this time that the mission was to save souls; not condemn them.  So, the baby was born a physical pauper and a celestial king.  He proved something to the world that day.  He proved that although we cannot see God, he is tangible.  He proved that God lives in each and every one of us.  He is the spirit that is housed in the body our mind perceives to be us.  Would you recognize yourself without your body?  You see, there is this slightly distorted belief of a detached God.  An entity out there somewhere in the Heavens watching from afar. (One of our pastors preached on this last year.)  It’s not true.  God is just as much me as he is him.  That’s how he knew me before I was born; before my parents even conceived of the thought that I might exist. What do we think all that business is about our bodies are a temple for God?  If God was a detached entity why would he care?

As the story moves forward, Jesus walks the earth and teaches and preaches and shows us the way home.  We are lost without a doubt.  Not like sheep.  We are lost in finding our way home from whence we came.  Jesus wasn’t about herding sheep like a border collie chasing them home.  No, not at all.  He came down, taught the lessons in parables or stories that we could comprehend to draw a map for our souls, not our bodies.  How do we transcend the veil that separates us from God?  It’s not all good works and deeds for others.  There’s more to it than that.  Believing that "Home" exists is the first step.  The second step is believing we can get back.  The third step is accepting that Jesus is our Savior true and right.  Jesus was and is the porch light that is always on showing us the way home out of the darkness.

Now, here’s where things get a little more complex.  When our souls entered the physical being of our baby selves, we were pure and innocent.  As we lived in our physical selves, what-so-ever we did in thought, word or deed affected and still affects our soul – as long as we are living on earth – and the more negative or positive our souls become.  In order to re-enter Heaven, we need to clean up our act and our souls.  As we left so must we re-enter.  Like a child.

One of Jesus’s missions was to pay the debt for us and make our souls bright, shiney and new again.  So, if time is constant for God and Jesus, everytime we commit a sin, big or small, Jesus is being scourged at that moment adding another stripe or;  a hammer is pounding the nail one more time for good measure – by our measure of sin.  Jesus never stops suffering in that moment for as long as it is until his return in the second coming.  This is the need for forgiveness.  We still today are beating our Lord to death with each act of greed, oppression, no mercy, no love, and no repentence for those things. 

The body and spirit of Christ rose again on the third day.  He proved once again that God is tangible and very much alive.  He is the all of everything.  He is in everything and breathes life where and when he chooses.  I don’t think it is so much the death of our body we should fear but the death of our soul; our true existence. 

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  1. Far Side of Fifty says:

    I was with you until the second to the last paragraph. I think of this part differently. Yes we sin, daily…but those sins were all paid for by Jesus, on the cross. He suffered and died once..for all who believe. God sees us only as perfect…Jesus stands in front of us and any imperfections we may have are never seen.
    Just my take on things:)

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    After thinking about it, that makes more sense to me too.

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