Cosmopolitan Fargo Forum?

  • Posted on April 9, 2010 at 11:03 pm

cos·mo·pol·i·tan (k?z’m?-p?l’?-tn)
1.)Pertinent or common to the whole world: an issue of cosmopolitan import.

2.)Having constituent elements from all over the world or from many different parts of the world: the ancient and cosmopolitan societies of Syria and Egypt.

3.)So sophisticated as to be at home in all parts of the world or conversant with many spheres of interest: a cosmopolitan traveler.

4.)Ecology Growing or occurring in many parts of the world; widely distributed.

n. A cosmopolitan person or organism; a cosmopolite.
cos’mo·pol’i·tan·ism n.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Welcome to the age of globalization.  An era in human history that will be unlike anything we have ever experienced on a global level before this time. 

It used to be in the world, generalized statements regarding particular cultures or races of people would go on unchecked and spark chuckles or robust laughter — in like company.  The remarker being dubbed a jolly fellow with a delightful sense of humour.

Today, there is nothing humorous about generalized statements regarding particular cultures or races of people.  Today, a remarker would be dubbed an ignorant and unlearned fellow with a gauche sense of humour.  No the new era of globalization requires a certain finesse in the realm of manners and etiquette. 

North Daktoa has come a long way in our quest for cosmopolitan status — on the surface.  However, as evidenced in the Fargo Forum’s comment section of today’s paper (and some previous articles)….well…it would seem that we have a long way to go.  Some of the comments that were made were rather…primitive in nature.  It’s unfortunate in this day and age that the less cultured people can operate a computer, make bold statements hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and show the world what a backwood world we really respresent in our fair state; all the while undermining the hard work of many to lead North Dakota into the global society of the 21st century. 

It’s a shame that The Forum newspaper hides behind freedom of the press / speech to allow the comments to continue.  Sensationalism sells — no doubt about that.  Conflict and negativity sells — can’t deny that either.  But at the same time, is The Forum willing to risk the reputation of the state and the businesses that operate in the state (those who are trying to globalize their market) to sell a few papers?  I really don’t see the return on investment in this.  That’s the crazy thing about the internet:  People from all over the world can see what is being said — especially in sensationalized or hot articles.  I wonder about the ethics of Forum Communications.  I realize newspapers are in the business to make money — but so are the businesses who advertise in the newspapers.  It would seem that fostering ill-will and hate in the community is of no consequence to Forum Communications.  Dividing the community instead of working towards a more cosmopolitan persona that attracts global business and commerce. 

Racism, ignorance and gauche behavior will never be completely eliminated from any area of the world.  But, at the same time we do not need to give uncultured people a platform to disseminate hate and ignorance.  News media everywhere needs to take a responsibility in what they "approve" for print and realize that those decisions are the very decisions that determine sales or lack thereof.  The Forum edits what their reporters submit for print.  They edit for content and for liability — the liklihood of being sued.  Yet, at the same time take no responsibility for the content of their website.  What’s the point in having terms of service policies when they are not enforced or monitored in any way.  Numerous complaints submitted in the comment section itself as well as by telephone and email go unheard.  In today’s example, it makes you wonder how the Forum, as an institution, really feels about Native Americans doesn’t it?  How many other comments on articles regarding Native Americans in the Forum went unchecked?  What about New Americans?  African Americans?  I wonder…I just wonder if the Forum is as cosmopolitan as they would like us to believe….

How do you feel about the comment section of the Forum? 

2 Comments on Cosmopolitan Fargo Forum?

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    P.W. …..I read a lot of those comments yesterday about the dropping of the team name at UND and I was shocked also at the raw racism against native peoples in the state and generally. There is a great deal of hate harbored in humans….just read Jeremiah 17:9 for an ancient piece of wisdom on the condition of the human “heart” and it explains a great deal of what we loathe to see happen all the time!
    Thoughtful blog. Thanks as always.

  2. jimlindlauf says:

    And these comments are from the people who wish to continue showing “honor and respect” to the Native American people by using the nickname. Their true colors come out, and there isn’t a lot of honor or respect inside these people, is there!

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