Dirty Deeds. You make me sick

  • Posted on June 24, 2010 at 12:31 am

“We want Washington to be more like North Dakota – balanced budget, job growth, income growth,” Berg said. Fargo Forum

What a load of crap.  Give me numbers Mr. Berg.  Where’s the job growth? Income growth?  If it wasn’t for the oil companies out in Western North Dakota I just don’t see it.  Manufacturers laying off, rehiring only to lay off again.  These are the best paying jobs in the state.  Unless you are a family farmer or business owner – and even business owners are struggling.  Don’t even get me started on the family farmers. 

Balanced budget – ok, I’ll give you that but what exactly is it that we are spending our billion dollar surplus on?  Where is that money being invested back into the state?  Homeless rates are on the rise.  Housing is a disaster for those who don’t seem to be experiencing this job and income growth.  The only growth in their income is taking a third or fourth job to pay the bills.  North Dakota is ranked in the top three of people holding multiple jobs.  I wonder why?  Because the only jobs available are those that keep people below the poverty level.  Low wage service industry jobs that are generally part-time with no benefits.  

Now, let’s talk about District 45 – the district that Mr. Berg was supposed to be representing.  NDSU seems to be doing ok – unless we find some new financial indiscretions.  The wealthy seem to be doing ok in District 45.  What about the elderly?  How did Mr. Berg represent the elderly?  How are they better off?  Does he even care?  How many of them were forced to sell their homes due to the property taxes?  How about when the fiasco in a retirement community on North Broadway happened?  Were you there for those elderly people when their rent was raised to unaffordable rates and the services they were supposed to get were taken away – you know like meals, activities, etc. Did you fight for them Mr. Berg?  Did you?  Really?  Yeah, I thought not. 

Let’s talk about Landlord / Tenant Rights, Mr. Berg.  This is your area of expertise.  I attended a workshop given by a local agency in which everyone was informed that a certain property management company was paying commission on damages collected.  What kind of BS is that Mr. Berg?  Is it true?  Is that why every tenant that moves from an apartment is automatically charged a minimum of $2,000 for carpet replacement?  This certain company set precedence for other companies.  Is this now standard practice?  Answer the question, Mr. Berg.  I really found it interesting that New Americans and those who cannot afford attorneys seemed to be ‘targeted’ for these claims. 

What have you done for growth in North Fargo?  What about infrastructure?  What about the schools?  Did you do anything for the schools?  Not the private schools – although they are just as deserving, but just what did you do? 

Let’s bring this thing down to Mainstreet and get off Wall Street for awhile.  The only thing that matters to people is what have YOU as a representative done for ME.  You, Mr. Berg have done nothing for me.  Nothing for the majority of people who live in North Dakota.  The ones that you have stepped on, stomped down, and sent our children screaming from the state for better opportunities elsewhere.  I’ve watched your political and professional career for a long time and I do not feel that you are a man of the people.  You are a man of yourself and your political buddies.  How can you line your own pockets at the expense of the people – the people who pour your coffee, serve / grow your food?  Or, those who built this state with their own hands, in the mud and muck, getting their unmanicured hands dirty with back breaking work so you could have a better life.   

Don’t fill the state with a load of crap so you can spend the rest of your days on Easy Street, Washington, DC.  You are no Dorgan.  You are no Conrad.  And you Sir, are no Burdick.  You are a modern day politician no different than the rest.

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  1. slm says:

    I was waiting for this particular rant from you. :) Too bad you cant name names and specifics of his underhanded dealings and far from ethical business partners. :)

  2. NorthDecoder says:

    If the United States could get decades of free handouts from an outside source like ND does (about $2 back for every $1 it pays in federal taxes), then the U.S. could have balanced budgets also. Trouble is, unlike ND, the US has no big nanny to give it free money.

  3. Honcho says:

    Spoken like a true yellow dog democrat. I thought with the boy wonder being elected everything would be great? And by the way your so called “family farms” whatever that is- are doing great if not they have no one but themeselves to blame. Your talking points are old you need some new ones.

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Honcho: All you did was criticize me and the President of the United States. I didn’t see any talking points that point out what a great and wonderful person Rick Berg really is. Please enlighten the ignorant masses as to his marvelous deeds and acts of humanity in the world. I’ll wait.

  5. Ms. C says:

    You go girl! 😉

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