In the Woods of All Hallows Eve

  • Posted on October 23, 2010 at 9:56 am

“I’m scared,” Carrie whispered as she clung to the blue satin sleeve of her cousin’s Cinderella costume.

“Don’t worry, it’s this way. I’m sure it is.” Jeannie whispered back.

They were lost in the darkness with only the moonbeams falling between the branches of the trees to light their way. The chill of fear hung in the frosted air of All Hallows Eve as the girls made their way through the woods. The moisture laden leaves squished under their feet with the occasional crack of dried branches breaking the silence.

“I want my mommy.” Carrie wimpered.

Jeannie couldn’t understand how they had gotten so far from home. She had played in these woods all her life. One thing she did understand was Aunt Kate was going to kill her when they did make it home. It was well after ten o’clock and she had promised to have Carrie home before bedtime. Now she was lost with no idea of which way to go. Her dad had always told her if you keep walking in a straight line you will eventually come out on the otherside of the woods; and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Snow began to fall from the star filled night sky. Jeannie pulled the velor cape of Carrie’s princess costume around the girl’s shoulders making sure it was securely tied and wouldn’t fall down. They walked for what seemed like hours when a light illuminated through the trees. They hurried down the path toward the light with Carrie clutching her plastic pail of candy in her pudgy five year old fingers. 

“Come on, Carrie, hurry up. It’s only a little farther now,” Jeannie said pulling the little girl behind her.

It was a house in the middle of the woods. An old house with lights shining in every window. Jeannie could see the shadow of a woman standing in the window. The woman seemed to be watching as they clammored up the muddy path to the door.

The screech of a great horned howl screamed through the air seeming to issue a warning as it’s shadow floated across the moon that hung in the sky just above the house . Jeannie scrambled up the broken, dilapitated wooden steps of the house and knocked on the door.

to be continued.

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  1. oooooooh……..Prairie Woman I love scary stories! I miss telling them at my old Camp Readalot at the LPA elementary school and I would tell scary stories in the darkened library (lit by white Christmas lights in the ceiling. This story would have been a good one at Old Camp RAL!!!! I am waiting with bated breath for the next episode!!!

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