In the Woods of All Hallows Eve Part II

  • Posted on October 24, 2010 at 12:10 pm

As Jeannie and Carrie stood facing the wooden door, one by one the lights in the house extinguished until there was nothing but the cold blanket of darkness surrounding them.

The heart in Jeannie’s chest pounded with fear, but she had to remain calm for Carrie’s sake. She knocked loudly on the door once again. This time she heard footsteps approaching from inside the house. A lump built up in her throat. She could barely swallow.

The hinges on the door squeaked in the darkness as the door swung inward where the darkness seemed just a little more black, a little more dark, a little more scary.

“Come in. Come in,” the raspy voice of a woman came from the darkness.

Jeannie remained steadfast on the porch of the house. “We were wondering if we could use your phone. We need to call our parents,” Jeannie called into the pit of darkness before her. She didn’t want to be there. The words of her mother and Aunt Kate echoed in her head, “Don’t go into any of the houses. You don’t know who lives there.” But, what could she do? They were lost, it was cold, Carrie was tired and crying. She had to get them home no matter what.

“Come in. Come in,” the raspy voice beckoned once again.

After a moment of hesitation, Jeannie stepped forward across the threshhold of the house pulling Carrie close behind her. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light. She looked around the room that appeared to be the kitchen of the old house. Cobwebs weaved their way from corner to corner, across the countertops, and up to the cupboards.

“Hello! Is anyone here?” She called again.

The shadowy silhouette of a tall slender woman floated towards the two frightened little girls. “Welcome to the House of All Hallows Eve. It has been a long time since we have had guests. Do sit down, won’t you?” The woman gestured to two cobweb covered chairs at the table. A mouse skittered across the floor and under the cupboards across the room.

“Uh…we…uh…we just wanted to know if we could use your phone,” Jeannie stammered squeezing Carrie’s hand pullling the child close to her side. Jeannie could hear soft organ music beginning to play. The sound was coming from the doorway of the kitchen that led deeper into the house. She turned quickly to run out the entrance door that was no longer there.

to be continued…

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