Blizzard of 2010 – Either You’re a Team Player; or You’re Not!

  • Posted on January 1, 2011 at 12:32 pm

One of the greatest attributes of the people in the upper Midwest is their second nature to help when help is needed; especially during catastrophes such as the floods of ’09 and ’10 and these last two blizzards over the weekend.

It takes a community to keep everyone safe – and alive. It takes…what’s the word? Oh, yes – TEAMWORK.

This morning someone was not playing for the home team. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that the storm has somehow stressed him out and made him a bit irritable. At the same time it didn’t give him the right to yell at my daughter.

This story actually started yesterday. My landlord was not able to get the parking lot plowed. I’m sure many of you fellow apartment dwellers can relate to this situation; it happens all the time — all over the community. If the streets aren’t plowed it’s difficult for even the snow removal crews to get to where they need to be.

Yesterday morning I started out to pick up my daughter who was stranded at her friend’s house. I made it nearly a whole block on the snow-filled street. This is where one says to themself, “Self, are you crazy? This is stupid. You need to go back home.” It was too late, I was already stuck. The tires spun on the thick layer of ice hidden beneath the snow. It was here that I realized I didn’t have anyone to call for help. I don’t know a lot of people with a truck, and the only one that I do know was working and her boyfriend wasn’t in town. What was a woman to do? I said, “God, please send someone to help me get out of here.” And, lo and behold, a nice gentleman immediately appeared knocking on my window. I told him that I needed to go back home. Then not one, but three other guys appeared and they got my car out. He drove my car to the Red River Lanes Bowling Alley parking lot that had already been plowed. These guys were real team players and I will be ever grateful in their assistance to get me out of my predicament of stupidity.

It’s my understanding that Red River Lanes is supposed to be family friendly – after this morning I beg to differ. The parking lot was basically empty when I parked my car there yesterday and remained that way throughout the day and night.

This is my parking lot this morning: 

This is the Red River Lanes parking lot this morning:

My daughter went to make sure my car was going to start this morning so I could move it. After she got out of the car a tall, averagely built, middle-aged, redneck in his NASCAR shirt and racing hat, complete with sunglasses, appeared in the parking lot and started yelling at my daughter. It went a little something like this:

“Are you stuck, Ma’ame” he asked with feigned politeness. She was obviously a teenager and not an adult.

“No, we can’t get back into our parking lot,” she answered pointing to the snowdrifts that surround our building.

“Well that’s too bad. You’re right in my way. They’re going to charge you a hundred dollars to tow your car if you don’t move it,” he shouted at the young girl.

“I was going to go get my Mom to move her car anyway,” she replied in a direct tone as she walked away.

My daughter came in and told me what happened and it only solidified my belief that rednecks are not nice people –nor are they team players.

I understand that motorists cannot park for extended periods of time in parking lots anytime they like. However, in situations like this our businesses need to work together as a team to ensure the city and its citizens are safe. They also need to work together to ensure a timely resolution to the significant amount of snow that has crippled the city over the weekend.

I did move my car as intended to one of the best business neighbors in North Fargo – Northport Shopping Center – and walked home. Northport Shopping Center and all the businesses that are in it, have always been good neighbors to the people who live here. They are definitely team players when it comes to acts of nature. Red River Lanes could learn a few things from them in regards to not biting the hands that feed you.

5 Comments on Blizzard of 2010 – Either You’re a Team Player; or You’re Not!

  1. I am sorry you and your daughter had to encounter such a Jerk……snow emergencies exist everywhere now and will for awhile. Out here in the country at our place we are barely cleared out from 5-6 foot drifts in our yard. The snowblower sheared pins in its mechanism due to heavy drifts..fortunately we have a bucket on the big tractor.
    But we have not been anywere for 3 days and are not going to try going out for a day or more…the roads are solid ice!!!

  2. Lilly says:

    While I agree with you that this man’s behavior was neither courteous nor in the spirit of community and “teamwork” that we so often take for granted in North Dakota, I would like to just point out how out of line your comment about “Rednecks” is. Your comment was that this event “solidified my belief that rednecks are not nice people –nor are they team players.”. Well, I know many “rednecks”; North Dakota is filled with them. And North Dakota is filled with great people. Just because this guy is a class A jerk, doesn’t mean that “rednecks are not nice people” or team players. Many of the “rednecks” I know are hardworking people who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. Indeed, the 4 kind men who helped you out the first time may have very well had “NASCAR” t-shirts on underneath their coats and may affectionately refer to themselves as “rednecks”. As I said, I do agree that this guy was out of line, but I think you should watch what you say about a group of people based on an encounter with someone, when all you know about him is that he wears NASCAR clothing and is a jerk. Would anybody stand by and allow you to make that comment if this man had been of another ethnic background and you made a comment based on his race or religion…I think not. So let’s not attack a group of people based on the things they hold dear; God, our great country, guns, and yes, even NASCAR.

  3. prairiewomn says:

    Lilly, agreed. You’re right about some rednecks. I will concede, coming from the Western part of the state where all of us were referred to as ‘rednecks’, not everyone falls into the category of this man.

    I’m not against NASCAR, God, our great country, or even guns. I apologize to all the nice rednecks out there who are just trying to make a living and take care of their families.

  4. S. L. says:

    Lilly – good post. I would only like to add that I see no reason for Buffelogal to have posted 7 photos — and was the 7th one cropped to make it appear that the lot was empty? Surely, we all know that there is lots of snow around and if the photos were meant to sway the readers to believe that just because of the snow, she had a right to park there, sorry, but they did not sway me. She should have gone into, or phoned if they were not open, Red River Lanes and explained her situation, and asked if she could leave her car there for a _______ time. She should have offered her name and phone number, and maybe even offered to “pay for parking” [which probably would have been refused]. If every single person who has trouble parking in their drive or lot were to park at Red River, there would not be room for any customers. Oh, and granted, there was not need to be rude to the daughter, but I would really like to hear the exact words said [and yes, I am a mother, and kids do tend to lay it on a bit].

  5. prairiewomn says:

    S. L.: Buffalo Gal didn’t post the pictures, I did as this is my blog. The picture of the parking lot at RRL was cropped that way because of the license plates on the two cars in the picture and also the size of the original. The point was to show the lot had been plowed – although it was still empty this morning. The other pictures are also cropped.

    I could have called RRL and asked them, maybe in fact I should have. The point is that he did not need to be rude about it. We all get frustrated and irritable during times like this.

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