We Love to Hate Each Other

  • Posted on April 16, 2011 at 12:04 am

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We love to hate each other. We all do it. We live each day in a constant state of comparison. Fat and thin; tall and short; bald or not; rich and poor…until we have defined ourselves into our own personal hell of always searching for that special something to make others like and accept us.

The murder of 15 year-old Leah Jackson sends the quiet town of West Fargo, North Dakota into a state of panic, fear and suspicion. Detective Marcia Grant, the daughter of the late Judge Grant, finds herself in a race against not only time, but seasons; seasons of the year and seasons of life.

North Dakota can be a cold and unyielding state when fall turns to winter. The winter season can hide many things in the vast open prairie. Abandoned farmsteads speckle the landscape; the perfect setting for murder.

In a city of 30, 000 people, there is no one who is above suspicion; not even Officer Jonathon Drake.  A violent episode with Detective Grant on a dark country road forces Jonathon to quit the department and disappear seemingly without a trace. Jonathon’s disappearance leaves Detective Grant with a veteran officer biding his time to retirement and a rookie to solve the case.

Throughout the investigation, Detective Grant is drawn into the modern high school of categories, abuses, social ladders to be climbed or clung to, and receives her own education in electronic bullying.

The characters of Sticks and Bones are friends, neighbors, leaders, and followers we all know and love to hate. The only difference is most of us would not act on our love – hate relationships…or would we?

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